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Custom Biscuits and Cakes Hassall Grove

Our memories become yours

The passion that started in our Nunna’s kitchen extends to your family, as we celebrate your connection.

For Sydney families who need allergy friendly biscuits and cakes,

Bec Biscuits is here to bring the flavour and vision to life.

We know how frustrating it is when you get to the buffet table and realise that amongst the smorgasbord of food on offer, there’s only one thing you can safely eat.


Until you’ve experienced it, it’s hard to understand how food allergies and intolerances impact people’s lives. It’s not a preference. It’s a health issue that at big events, can often feel like a restriction that holds you back from enjoying the moment.


Because we truly understand the struggle, we’re passionate about bringing you custom biscuits, cakes and cupcakes that fit your dietary needs, without compromising on style or taste.


While we can’t fix everything, we can satisfy your sweet tooth safely.

White cupcakes with sprinkles, vintage rose and star icing

Your needs

We have a range of recipes tailored to your dietary requirements.

We can help if you are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soy free, nut free, or nothing free!

Your taste

The sky is the limit with our customisation options.


While some bakers are all about their own defined style, we’re focused on creating desserts that make you smile.

Your connection

The heart of our business is to help you make memories with those you love.


We love nothing more than to help you celebrate your connection.  

Our cakes combine

"A massive thank you to Bec for her amazing gluten free cakes!

Two years running Bec has made me the most delicious birthday cakes and I cannot recommend Bec’s Biscuits enough! 5 stars!"


Bec's Biscuits sprinkle pattern

From humble beginnings

While our very first order was a wedding favour, the story of Bec’s Biscuits started much earlier.


Is there anything better than stepping into someone’s home and inhaling the sweet smell of fresh baked biscuits?


That’s what it was like at Nunna’s place, where these passions really began.

Childhood photo of Rebecca, owner of Bec's Biscuits and Cakes Hassall Grove

Hanging out at Nunna's place, in the early 90s.

Bec's Biscuits sprinkle pattern
Bec's Biscuits wave background

As a mum of 4, I understand that each person has their own sense of taste and style.

It's in the little details that you can show your people how much you know them and truly care.

Now that you know some more about us, we’d love to know how we can help you with your special occasion.

We’re ready to make allergy friendly biscuits, cupcakes, and cakes for your event!

Click for our sugar cookies and personalised biscuits.
Click for our gluten friendly cupcakes.
Click for our showstopping custom cakes in Sydney
Bec's Biscuits sprinkle pattern
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