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Gluten free cakes Sydney

At Bec's Biscuits, we're all about celebrating your connection

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Custom cakes that help you make memories

From the everyday fleeting moments to the momentous milestones in life, it always comes back to who is by your side. When we create your custom cakes, we’re working to celebrate your connection.

Whether you just want to design your cake, or you need something specific like gluten free cakes, we serve Western Sydney with a personal touch.

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Completely personalised cakes with allergy friendly options

Gluten free cakes Sydney

Bec's Biscuits offer made-to-order custom cakes in Sydney,

operating from our registered kitchen in Hassall Grove.

We specialise in baked goods for those with complex dietary requirements, without compromising on style.

The Bec's Biscuits story

My passion for baking started with my Nunna, whose home was always filled with the welcoming smells of fresh baked goods. You couldn’t step foot in her home without sampling the expression of her love.


From the hours I spent with floury hands and sticky spoons, I learnt that baking is a whole lot more than just following a recipe with some pretty decoration. It’s an art and a science, but across all cultures, it’s a way that we relate, connect, and share.

Click the image of Bec at a wedding beside a cake she decorated, to hear about her story
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One size doesn’t fit all

We’re here to create custom cakes that are perfect for you

From shape and size, to style and specific ingredients, we’re here to make something special just for you.

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How to order your custom cake Sydney

  • Decide on sweets (we think this is the hardest part)
    We offer custom biscuits, cupcakes, and custom cakes in Sydney. Since we’re exclusively a made-to-order service our prices reflect the inclusions you want, such as gluten free cupcakes, nut free orders, and more. We’d encourage you to check out our price guide to get an idea of starting prices.
  • Check our availability
    We do our best to keep our availability up to date on our calendar. We’re usually sold-out a few months in advance, so we encourage you to book your date in advance. Even if you don’t know the exact theme or colours, you can still book your place in our schedule.
  • Book your order
    Reach out with as much detail as you can. If you’re booking well in advance, the most important thing we need to schedule your special order is the type of service and serving size.
"Bec made my beautiful bridal shower cake and allergy friendly cupcakes. Not only were they absolutely stunning they were insanely delicious!"


Engagement Cake Hassall Grove. ID: pink and cream tall cake with gold leaf, macarons and roses.
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A cake day is always a good day!

Let us help you celebrate your connection

After checking our availability, reach out via the form to chat about your special order.

Contact Bec's Biscuits

In the meantime, let's connect!

Quickly see our client cakes and connect more personably.

You can find us at Bec's Biscuits on Instagram and Facebook.

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